Becoming affiliate and earning money with Create Mesh is easy

Everyone can become affiliate and generate their first sale in few minutes

Earn up to 7875 L$ for each sale

How does it work ?

You can earn money by sending traffic to our sales page. Take 15% of each sold course refered by you. More than half of our sales are 'Megapacks' and your share from that is 7875 L$

Once you register as affiliate you will get an unique URL address of our salespage. For example: Everyone going to that address is tagged as visitor coming from you. Once they buy course from CreateMesh, you will recieve 15% of the course price.

Once someone is tagged, you will recieve commision even if they buy something from us many months later.

We have money back guarantee, so the money for each sale will be paid to you at least 2 weeks after the purchase, unless its charged back. There is nothing to worry about, so far we have zero chargebacks and everyone is happy with what they get.

You will recieve your money in LD$. We will contact you first by email and in-world, to make sure we are sending it to the right account.

We will pay all your affiliate earnings each two weeks.


You are allowed to advertise Createmesh on your SL sim, website, group, profile, anywhere unless it is dissalowed by the following rules:

  • Do not promote your link in SL group chats. That will create bad reputation for us and your account may get terminated for that. We have bots in almost all related groups and we are monitoring such activities, so don't do it. If we wanted to spam SL groups, we could create a script for that, we wouldnt pay affiliates to do it. There are exceptions in this rule, if the group is yours or private and it won't create bad reputation for us. Otherwise imagine what will happen with even only 30 affiliates spamming 20 groups whenever they feel like it with our links. However if you are owner of the group, you can send notices.
  • Any activity which is considered SPAM is not allowed. So what is spam? Spam is when you repeatedly advertise products to someone and they are not interested in them. So if someone in group chat has problems with mesh and is looking for solution, it is not spam to send them IM about CreateMesh. It is SPAM to reply in a forum conversation not related to mesh, it is NOT SPAM if you reply in a forum conversation about mesh, which doesn't have a link to us already.
  • Getting people to buy a course and then request chargeback, is NOT allowed.

Register to become affiliate

There are 70,000 marketplace stores / potential clients. They are all interested in getting their products better. Would you help us reach them and earn with us?

Who is involved in its creation?

Leviathan Flux

Owner and Founder of Lenox Clothing, a mainstream clothing brand.

Owner and Founder of Rochambeau, since 2009, critically acclaimed and trend-setter in sim building, textures, fantasy apparel and accessories.

Designer and consultant for Primus Weapons.

I had to spend years digging through forums and tutorials to scrape together everything I needed to know to design mesh for Second Life. I started off building with prims and sculpts in 2008, and now I am able to design for other PC games, iPhone games, anything.

Has been making free tutorials for designing for Second Life for years, and personally helped numerous other designers become successful shop owners in Second Life.

Experienced in Autodesk Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Mudbox, Photoshop.

Anhandreu Riederer

Owner of AC Creations. Entrepreneur, developer, designer, online marketing expert.

Creator of the most popular in 2007 AC weapons. Sold copies of them for more than 17,000,000 LD.

Creator of a 3D iPhone game for iOS which stayed 3 weeks as No.2 in Apple Store US and was downloaded 2 million times.

I wouldn't be able to create and design a mobile game without learning 3D software and practicing it, while at the same time living on my earning from whatever i created in SL

Currently developing systems for online marketing in Web or SL and three online education platforms.

Favourite design software: Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, CorelDraw

Experience: 13 years of designing, developing and leading numerous web, mobile and SL businesses

Thord Karu

Owner of Primus Weapons. Entrepreneur, leading business owner, developer, designer.

Creator of the leading and biggest weapon brand in SL until today. His store has hundreds of top quality products, which combine the use of top notch design and scripting. His brand is No.1 in its niche for the last 6 years.

To endure the evergrowing and ever-changing environment and to compete in the worst of the worst highly competative niches, to establish a raving fanbase of thousands, I had to research daily and improve my products in two ways for over 6 years - designing them with cutting edge technologies and scripting them with just released LSL features.

Create mesh courses grow and change to adapt to your taste. Whatever you need to become successful with your brand, you will find it here.

But Create Mesh is not just a set of online courses. It is a growing community of leading designers, developers, brand owners, who share business opportunities and bleeding edge technologies. We mediate between you, to make sure that your opportunities for collaboration grow and empower your brand.